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Biden Blocks Chip, Chinese Tycoon Opens up about Xi Jinping’s Fate

The United States (US) and its allies are fighting the domination of the Chinese semiconductor industry. One of them is by limiting exports of chip manufacturing equipment.

In addition, several times the Joe Biden administration has accused Chinese technology of endangering national security. The barrage of boycotts against China has put pressure on the country controlled by Xi Jinping.

According to Gerald Yin, founder and CEO of Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc (AMEC), a comprehensive US blockade of China will begin in October 2022.

He said the US government’s intention to hinder China’s technological development was clear at the time. Consequently, the development of China’s semiconductor industry is claimed to have slowed down by up to 5 generations.

Quoted from SCMP , Wednesday (16/8/2023), Yin said that from 2019 to date, the US, under the leadership of Donald Trump to Joe Biden, has implemented 15 regulatory restrictions relating to the Chinese semiconductor industry.

According to him, China’s chip manufacturing technology has lagged behind by five generations compared to other countries, including for processing 14 nanometer technology.

SMIC is one of the few manufacturers in China that has mastered the production of 14 nanometer chips. However, at the end of May 2023, the company suddenly deleted information about the 14 nanometer technology solution on its official website.

In its financial performance report for two consecutive 2023 quarters, the company also did not discuss 14 nanometer chip technology.

Yin openly blamed the US for the slow progress of China’s chip industry. However, there are also those who say that China’s semiconductor industry is actually still thriving.

Until now, there are more than 200 Chinese companies engaged in the semiconductor component equipment sector. At the same time, the US export ban had an effect on Chinese companies, as some of the necessary imported equipment was difficult to obtain.

Source : CNBC