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China Responds to the Hamas-Israel War, Xi Jinping Orders This

China responded to the new tensions that occurred between the Hamas faction, Palestine , and Israel. President Xi Jinping’s country even shouted for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state as a peaceful solution.

“We call on the relevant parties to remain calm, exercise restraint and immediately end hostilities to protect civilians and avoid worsening the situation,” said China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs as quoted by CNBC International.

“The fundamental way out of this conflict lies in implementing a two-state solution and establishing an independent Palestinian State,” he stressed again.

China’s statement is not without basis. So far, China has played a role in easing Israeli-Palestinian tensions.

“The international community needs to act with greater urgency, increase input on the Palestinian issue, facilitate the resumption of peace talks between Palestine and Israel, and find ways to realize lasting peace,” China added.

“China will continue to work relentlessly with the international community to achieve this goal,” said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Meanwhile, China’s permanent representative to the UN, Zhang Jun, took a firm stance on the growing conflict. He said China condemns all violence and attacks on civilians.

Previously, war between Hamas and Israel broke out on Saturday. Hamas began a multi-pronged attack at around 6:30 a.m. local time with thousands of rockets aimed at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, some of which bypassed the Iron Dome defense system and hit buildings.

Gunfire continued into the evening between Israeli troops and hundreds of Hamas militias in at least 22 Israeli locations. The situation began to become chaotic because many civilians were involved in the firefight.

Hamas previously released images of several Israeli citizens being held hostage. Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari confirmed that “soldiers and civilians were kidnapped”.

Hamas spokesman Khaled Qadomi told Al Jazeera that the group carried out its military operations in response to the atrocities Palestinians have faced for decades. Apart from that, Israel is also known to have carried out several attacks in the Al Aqsa Mosque area, which is a holy place for Muslims.

“We want the international community to stop the atrocities in Gaza against the Palestinian people, our holy places like Al-Aqsa. All these things are the reasons behind the start of this fighting,” he said.

Currently, there are 1,100 fatalities recorded in the second war. As many as 700 are from Israel and 400 are Palestinians.

Source : CNBC