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Chinese General: Military Will ‘Show No Mercy’ on Taiwan Independence

WASHINGTON — A top Chinese military official has vowed to “show no mercy” toward any move toward Taiwan independence despite turmoil in the top ranks of the country’s armed forces.

“No matter who wants to separate Taiwan from China in any form, the Chinese military will never agree and will show no mercy,” said People’s Liberation Army General Zhang Youxia. Zhang is vice chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Chinese Communist Party.

His remarks came at the 10th Xiangshan Forum on Monday in Beijing. More than 1,800 people attended the two-day forum — China’s biggest annual event focused on military diplomacy.

These included 99 official delegations and defense ministers from 19 countries, as well as military chiefs, international organization representatives, experts, scholars and observers, according to China’s official Xinhua news agency. The United States sent a representative in what was seen as a slight thaw in the freeze in U.S.-Chinese military-to-military communications.

Notably absent, however, was former Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu, whose dismissal was announced a week earlier. China did not explain why or appoint a replacement, but outside observers believe the move had more to do with President Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption drive than with military considerations.

In August, two Chinese senior Rocket Force commanders were dismissed and replaced by people from the Air Force and Navy with no experience in nuclear weapons management, a principal responsibility of the Rocket Force.

Source : VOA News