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Former Thai PM Thaksin to Return from Exile Next Week

Exiled former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra plans to return to the country on Tuesday (22/8), his daughter said Saturday (19/8). Thaksin’s return comes amid prolonged Thai political uncertainty following national elections held in May.

“On Tuesday, August 22, at 9:00 am, at Don Muang Airport, I will meet Thaksin’s father,” Paetongtarn Shinawatra said in a social media post, referring to an airport in the capital Bangkok.

Thaksin had planned to return on August 10 but was postponed, citing the need for a medical examination.

Thaksin, a former telecommunications tycoon who served as prime minister from 2001 until he was ousted in a 2006 coup, lives in exile after fleeing Thailand. He avoided jail time after being charged with corruption in 2008. He will still be in jail when he returns to his country.

Thailand is scheduled to hold a parliamentary vote for the prime minister on Tuesday (22/8). Thaksin’s Pheu Thai party is running for prime minister.

Pheu Thai, who came in second this month, took charge of efforts to form a government after the leader of the election-winning party, the Move Forward Party , failed to become prime minister.

Pheu Thai, which will nominate property tycoon Srettha Thavisin, needs the support of more than half of the two-chamber legislature, including the military-appointed Senate. 

Source : VOA News