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Hamas vs Israel War Goes Crazy, England Sends Warships

Britain has deployed two British Royal Navy ships and a surveillance aircraft to the Eastern Mediterranean. This is the country’s latest form of support for Israel.

British Prime Minister (PM) Rishi Sunak explained that the military package includes P8 reconnaissance aircraft and other surveillance assets, two additional ships, three Merlin helicopters and a company of royal marines. He claims this is also to maintain regional stability.

“Providing practical support to Israel… and offering deterrence and reassurance,” said Sunak’s office, Downing Street, quoted by Reuters , Friday (13/10/203).

“We must be resolute in ensuring that the horrific events we saw this week do not happen again,” he added in a statement.

“Together with our allies, our world-class military deployment will support efforts to ensure regional stability and prevent further escalation.”

British military teams in Israel, Cyprus and across the region will also be strengthened. He said this was to support emergency planning.

Meanwhile, citing BBC International , military assistance is possible in the next three weeks. Sunak himself called Hamas forces terrorists in the statement and said the attack on Israel last weekend was “barbaric”.

Hamas launched an unprecedented attack in southern Israel on Saturday. It killed at least 1,300 people and took around 150 hostages in Gaza.

Hamas emphasized that this was in response to a number of discriminatory actions by Israel over the years. Including acts of “harassment” at the Al-Aqsa Mosque at the beginning of the year.

Israel then responded by declaring war on Sunday. Data from the same page shows that more than 1,300 people have died in Gaza since Israel launched air strikes.

British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps said the military aid “will be indisputable evidence of the UK’s determination to ensure Hamas’s terrorist campaign fails”. Meanwhile, the Foreign Office has begun arranging flights for British citizens stranded in Israel.

Previously, the United States (US) also launched its aircraft carrier near Israel. Hamas responded by saying this was “aggression against the Palestinian people”.

Based on Al-Jazeera’s update  Friday morning, as of last night Gaza was still in a state of grip over Israel. Israeli troops went crazy attacking the city with hundreds of bombs and air strikes.

In the north, the Jabalia refugee camp was targeted in a very aggressive manner and dozens of people were recorded as injured. In addition, other attacks occurred in the central Gaza Strip, where buildings were razed to the ground.

“The air is filled with the sound of Israeli planes hovering over the Gaza Strip, looking for their next target. Nights for Gazans are truly terrifying,” emphasized the media report.

Source : CNBC