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North Korea Helps Hamas, Kim Jong Un Responds to the Gaza vs Israel War

 Korea (North Korea) responded to the war of Hamas, the Palestinian faction in the Gaza Strip, against Israel. Kim Jong Un’s country firmly blamed the Tel Aviv government for the attack.

According to North Korea, this is a consequence of Israel’s ongoing criminal actions against the Palestinian people. This statement was Pyongyang’s first response to what was happening in the Middle East.

“A large-scale armed conflict has occurred between Palestinian Hamas and Israel,” wrote Rodong Sinmun , quoted by Yonhap , Tuesday (10/10/2023).

“The international community calls this conflict a consequence of Israel’s unrelenting criminal actions against the Palestinian people,” he added, saying the fundamental solution to the problem was an independent Palestinian state.

North Korea Helps Hamas

Meanwhile, Radio Free Asia , a Washington-based media outlet, reported the alleged use of North Korean weapons by Hamas fighters. This is a video shared by the X War Noir account.

It said one of the fighter planes was seen holding a North Korean-produced F-7 high-explosive fragmentation rocket. The weapons have been exported to the Middle East in the past.

“It is still unclear whether North Korea directly supplied the weapons to Hamas or whether the weapons were provided through transactions involving other countries,” the media said.

“The image, taken from a video shared on the X War Noir account, shows a Hamas fighter holding an F-7 high-explosive fragmentation rocket originally produced in North Korea,” he added.

Source : CNBC