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North Koreans Go to Polls to Elect Provincial Governors, Mayors

North Koreans went to the polls on Sunday to elect provincial governors, mayors, and deputies of local assemblies with more than one candidate in some districts for the first time.

Pyongyang called on people to cast their ballots and “fulfill their duties as members of the republic.”

As of noon, 47.8% of voters had taken part in the local elections to pick new deputies for local assemblies of provinces, cities, and counties across the nation, according to the North’s official Korean Central News Agency.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un cast his vote at a polling station in the South Hamgyong Province.

The polls opened at 10 a.m local time (0100GMT).

North Korea has held these local elections every four years since 1999.

Under a recently revised election law, North Korea held a primary election to decide on a final candidate for new deputies of local assemblies, after reviewing the qualifications of two candidates.

The final candidate was then allowed to meet with voters during campaigning.

In the local elections, the number of seats is determined by the population of each area.

Voter turnout for the previous local elections, held in July 2019, came in at 99.98%.

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