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There is a Terrible Warning from Jokowi, RI on the Verge of Catastrophe

President Joko Widodo gave a serious warning to all people. According to him, climate change could cause disasters with huge impacts on Indonesian citizens.

Climate change which can make the earth’s temperature hotter has been felt by many countries in the world, including Indonesia. Jokowi conveyed this at the Environment, Climate, Forestry and New Renewable Energy (LIKE) Festival at the Indonesia Gelora Bung Karno Arena, Jakarta, some time ago.

“Be careful, the threat of climate change is real and we have felt it and felt it in all countries in the world,” said Jokowi.

“The hotter the earth’s temperature, the hotter the weather is. Drought is everywhere, not just in Indonesia,” he stressed.

This, said Jokowi, resulted in the emergence of various kinds of crises, one of which was food. Many countries are now having difficulty getting food, both from domestic production and imports. “Finally there is a food crisis, several countries are short of food, be it wheat or rice,” he said.

This problem becomes more complicated when dozens of countries choose to withhold exports of food commodities, especially rice.

“Usually 19 countries export rice, but now they have stopped putting the brakes on exports, they are no longer exporting, so in many countries the price of rice has risen, including Indonesia, which has risen slightly,” explained Jokowi.

Source : CNBC