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Turkmenistan U-23 National Team Targets Clean Sweep Victory in Group K of 2024 U-23 Asian Cup Qualification

Head Coach of the Turkmenistan U-23 National Team Ahmet Agamyradov ensured that his team was 100 percent ready to face the two opponents in Group K of the 2024 U-23 Asian Cup qualifiers. He was optimistic that his team would give the best performance, both against the U-23 national team. 23 Indonesia and Taiwan.

“First of all, thank you for meeting here. We are very happy to be here and we have made a lot of preparations, and we will give our best,” said Ahmet accompanied by captain Yhlas Toyjanov during a press conference at the Swiss Bell Gilingan Hotel, Banjarsari District , Solo, Central Java, Tuesday, September 5 2023. The captain of the U-23 team Yhlas Toyjanov.

The optimism of the Turkmenistan U-23 national team is not without basis. Ahmet has equipped himself with a lot of data from the two teams he is competing against. Therefore, even though this is the first time they are facing each other, the coach believes his troops will do their best. 

“So for tomorrow’s match we have information about the opponent. This is our first match here too, therefore we will do our best,” he said. 

Ahmet even dared to set a target for his squad to win every match and qualify for the 2024 Qatar U-23 Asian Cup. Moreover, Turkmenistan has experience in qualifying for the 2022 U-23 Asian Cup.

Ahmet is very confident in the abilities of his foster children, especially after making various preparations. They are also the most favored team from group K.

“We will fight here to win every match and be able to qualify for the upcoming 2024 Qatar Asian Cup. Therefore, we have made various preparations,” he said. 

Ahmet revealed that he had predicted hot weather in Indonesia. However, upon arriving, he ensured that the climatic conditions in Solo would not disturb his team. 

“Before coming here, we initially thought Indonesia would be very hot, but it turned out that when we got here, the weather was very good and supportive,” said Ahmet.

According to him, this is a plus point for his team to face the qualifying match for the 2024 U-23 Asian Cup. According to the schedule, the Turkmenistan U-23 national team will play Taiwan on Wednesday, September 6 2024. The next match will be Tuesday, September 12 2023. Ahmet’s team will face the Indonesian U-23 national team .

Source : Tempo.co