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Winning SEM 2023, ITS Energy Efficient Car Team Represents Asia Pacific and Middle East at DWC 2023

Two energy-efficient car teams from the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) have once again made proud achievements at the international level. This time, the ITS Sapuangin Team won first place on-track in the Urban Concept Internal Combustion Engine category and the ITS Antasena Team won third place on-track in the Prototype Hydrogen Fuel Cell category at the Shell Eco-Marathon (SEM) Asia Pacific and Middle East 2023. at the Pertamina Mandalika International Circuit, Lombok which ended on Sunday (9/7).

In fact, the Sapuangin Team managed to occupy third place to represent Asia Pacific and the Middle East in the 2023 Drivers World Championship (DWC) which will take place in India. The Sapuangin and Antasena Teams also successfully won a number of other awards at SEM 2023. In the off-track competition in the Virtual Program competition category , the ITS Sapuangin Team succeeded in winning first place in the Data and Telemetry Award . Not only that, in the Eco-friendly competition category , the ITS Antasena Team also won second place in the Carbon Footprint Reduction Award .

The on-track event is divided into two vehicle categories, namely Prototype and Urban Concept with three energy fuel numbers, namely Internal Combustion, Battery-Electric , and Hydrogen Fuel Cell . This prestigious competition held by the Shell oil and gas company was attended by more than 70 teams from 13 countries in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions such as India, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia and others. Not to be missed, the world champions, China and Thailand, are always superior in terms of fabrication and manufacturing.

Energy efficient car made by the ITS Antasena Team named Antasena Alpha while competing at the Mandalika International Circuit, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara

Even closer, the ITS Sapuangin Team with the Sapuangin XI Evo 3 car which competed in SEM 2023 succeeded in conquering the challenges given. Namely, a three-lap race with a total distance of 12.3 kilometers and a time limit of 30 minutes. The ITS Sapuangin Team was able to conquer this challenge with fuel efficiency results of 422.9 kilometers per liter.

The achievement of the ITS Sapuangin Team was actually successful in showing a brilliant performance throughout the race, because of the speed and toughness of the car. Since the start of the match, the Sapuangin car was able to maintain its lead and dominate the race. Of course, this cannot be separated from the efficiency achievements of the car created by the ITS student team which succeeded in using 30 milliliters of fuel energy for a three-round match on the circuit.

General Manager of the ITS Sapuangin Team, Bayu Irfansyah Putra, explained that the car, which is 2.6 meters long, 1.3 meters wide and 1.1 meters high, is designed to be eco-friendly and energy efficient. “One of the competition branches, carbon footprint reduction , encourages our team to carry out processes to produce environmentally friendly products,” said this student from the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

The ITS Sapuangin Team has successfully won first place in SEM 2023 and has the right to represent Asia Pacific and the Middle East for the 2023 Drivers World Championship (DWC) in India, next October

Talking about the results, based on the 1st place ranking in the fuel efficiency category, the team guided by Dr Ir Wityanto MEngSc has shown impressive excellence and succeeded in qualifying to proceed to the next stage of the on-track competition to advance to the 2023 DWC event. This achievement is not only making ITS a name at the regional level, but also becoming a strong representation for Asia Pacific and the Middle East in the global competition arena.

In this fierce competition on the international circuit, the ITS Sapuangin Team managed to reach the finish line in third place. Based on ranking records, in the first round they managed to occupy first place with 80.1 percent remaining energy. Followed by a very dramatic second and third round, after being followed by the team from Yogyakarta State University (UNY) which made the ITS Sapuangin team move to third place with 64.8 percent and 46 percent energy remaining.

Bayu also revealed that other university teams from Indonesia have a highly competitive spirit, making them the toughest opponents at the SEM 2023 event. “Hopefully, we will compete again at world level with the best innovations to support better results in the future,” he said optimistically.

Not only the ITS Sapuangin Team, a car made by the name Antasena Alpha from the ITS Antasena Team also excelled at this circuit. General Manager of the ITS Antasena Team, Ghany Aqiilah, said that in the SEM 2023 competition, his team was competing in the Prototype Concept vehicle class category with the Hydrogen Fuel Cell energy number . In this category, participants are challenged to design cars with strong but light materials, high efficiency fuel cells and electric motors, transmission systems with low friction, and integrated sensors to communicate the condition of the car to the driver.

The ITS Antasena Team after competing in the 2023 Shell Eco-Marathon (SEM) event and succeeded in winning third place in the Prototype Hydrogen Fuel Cell category

To answer this challenge, according to the student who is often called Ghany, the Antasena Alpha was designed with a more aerodynamic body design made from carbon fiber composite which has rigid and light properties. This is the main key to energy efficient cars. “Apart from that, the Antasena Alpha also uses a ladder frame type chassis made from aluminum which is light and strong to support a load of around 150 kilograms,” explained Ghany.

This student from the Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering continued that development was also carried out on the transmission system by increasing the efficiency of the transmission system in the drive section which uses a DC motor. Apart from that, important factors that also influence energy efficient cars are the rims and tires. The Antasena Alpha car uses rims with carbon fiber composite material and light tires with flat tires .

Sapuangin ITS main driver Nurul Ilmi Rojabia Hermuttaqien’s happy expression after successfully advancing to the 2023 Drivers’ World Championship in India

Through the various innovations developed, the Antasena Alpha is able to drive with a fuel efficiency of 215 kilometers per cubic meter. Until finally it succeeded in bringing the ITS Antasena Team to third place in that category. “In the future, we hope that the ITS Antasena Team can perform even better and bring home the winner’s trophy in the 2024 SEM On-Track Program ,” he concluded hopefully.

This team’s courage and resilience in facing technical problems is clear evidence of its dedication in creating reliable and efficient vehicles. Thanks to achievements like those shown, the future of hydrogen fuel cell based cars is increasingly promising. (ITS Public Relations)

Source : ITS