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China and Russia Warn that Foreign Powers are Fueling Chaos in Asia

Top Chinese and Russian officials warned on Monday that foreign powers were seeking to sow chaos in Asia and beyond as they opened an international defense conference in Beijing.

Beijing called this week’s Xiangshan Forum its answer to the Singapore Shangri-La Dialogue and said representatives from 90 countries took part, including Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

China held the forum without its defense minister, after suddenly announcing the dismissal of minister Li Shangfu last week without explanation.

Shoigu warned that Washington was seeking to provoke instability in Asia.

“After triggering an acute crisis in Europe, the West is trying to expand the potential for a crisis in the Asia Pacific,” he told delegates.

“Direct involvement of countries with nuclear weapons multiplies strategic risks,” he said.

“The West’s attitude towards escalation with Russia raises the risk of direct conflict between the nuclear states, which would have catastrophic consequences,” Shoigu added.

Earlier, speaking at the conference’s opening ceremony, Zhang Youxia, one of China’s most senior military officials, painted a gloomy picture of the international outlook, blaming unnamed countries for the chaos.

“As we look around the world today, hot-spot issues are emerging one after another. “The pain of war, chaos and chaos, and loss of life continue,” Zhang said.

Source : VOA News