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Malaysian entrepreneur couple criticised for celebrating pet cat’s birthday at LV store

A Malaysian entrepreneur couple was criticised for celebrating their pet cat’s birthday at a Louis Vuitton (LV) boutique, with netizens accusing them of being extravagant and suggesting that the money spent could have been better used on other things.

Ms Haliza Maysuri and her husband Mohd Rosli Awang celebrated Money’s seventh birthday at the French luxury fashion store at the Gardens Mall in Kuala Lumpur.

The couple are the founders of Muslim apparel brand Bawal Exclusive.

In a series of photos and videos posted on Ms Haliza’s social media accounts on May 10, an LV staff member is seen bringing out a birthday cake while others sing a birthday song.

Ms Haliza carried the cat, which was dressed in a grey dress studded with Swarovski crystals designed by renowned Malaysian designer Rizalman Ibrahim.

“Alhamdulillah, our child is seven today. Happy birthday Money… Mama, papa prayed that Money live long with health and intelligence,” Ms Haliza wrote in a post on her Instagram account, adding that the couple consider Money to be their youngest child.

The couple also got Money an LV collar with the letter M, estimated to cost over RM3,000 (S$860), and a specially made-to-order pouch with an illustration of the cat.

Some Malaysians wished the feline a happy birthday, saying that Money is lucky to have owners who love her so much.

“This is the first time in history I am seeing a cat celebrating its birthday in such a high-class setting,” Ms Sabtuyah Haji Sepawi said on Instagram.

Some people asked if the couple were looking to adopt children or more cats. “I can meow too,” a netizen with the handle baefrryu said tongue-in-cheek on TikTok.

Others, however, panned the couple for being wasteful.

“While all eyes are on Rafah, you rich people (are) busy celebrating cat’s birthday – not sensitive,” said a netizen with the handle madam_nady88 on Instagram, referring to the southern Gazan city involved in the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

Another netizen said: “Poor cat… Why don’t you spend that money for your poor people?!!… You are wasting your money.”

A netizen with the handle inamarrina said on TikTok: “I hope you can help the stray cats who need funds and food to live the good life.”

This is not the first time Money has been in the news.

In August 2023, Ms Haliza said she had bought a BMW car for her cat, only to later reveal that it was a marketing tactic to soft-sell her apparel brand.

Source: The Straits Times