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Shu Jin lands in Wuhan to bolster central China business

Shu Jin Law Firm launches an office in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, to strengthen its business across the central region and is the seventh branch of the Shenzhen-based firm.

With eight partners and 21 upcoming lawyers, the new office will advise on issues involving construction and real estate, intellectual property, corporate securities, criminal defence, and foreign and corporate counsel services.

Lu Youling, partner and head of the Wuhan office, said she would manage the branch in co-operation with other offices and practice professionals.

“To increase Shu Jin’s impact on central China, we will serve this regional capital market, relying on our brand and capital markets strengths,” she said.

Wuhan is the main legal market in Hubei as the number of lawyers in this city has accounted for 60% of the whole province’s peers, said a filing from the Hubei Provincial Department of Justice.

The firm nowadays can provide legal services in Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, alongside a focus on Shenzhen with its Futian district headquarters and Longgang district office.

Source : law.asia