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Will Artificial Intelligence Eventually Supplant Human Intelligence?

We are all familiar with the fictional characters from the movies IRobot, Robocop, & Iron Man, such as how they use the suit to perform all of their actions, which is quite captivating, isn’t it?. What if I say this is possible in the next few more years to come & what if I further more add that we will stop going into the battlefields rather send robots to take care of it. So now if I give some statements like this, someone somewhere will come out and question, what about humans? Will robots, AI supplant human intelligence in the future? And if it happens will organizations stop hiring people?  

You’ve heard of memes, right? Obviously, everyone does! When this Chat bot AI became popular, meme makers seized the opportunity and created numerous memes about robots & artificial intelligence. I recently saw a meme in which the meme pages combined a clip from the iconic film “Terminator: The Judgment Day” with a malfunctioning robot grabbing a woman’s hair with a caption written as “Time has Come”, sounds funny isn’t it? However, deep down, the thoughts and perceptions of it might differ from person to person.

Today things have changed dramatically, and so has technology. If I had to give an example, previously, people relied on Postmen to send letters from one location to another, but now, thanks to technological advancement, we have access to g-mail, which allows us to send out bulk emails at once. So, does it eliminate the jobs of postmen who deliver letters door to door? Absolutely not! Even though we have technologies today, sometimes we need a brain to perform a task, and these technologies still rely on us to properly programme and make them function, which is where robots and AI fall short.

Humans rely on the computing power, memory, and thinking ability of the brain, whereas AI-powered machines rely on data and specific instructions fed into the system. Furthermore, it takes a long time for humans to process and understand problems and become accustomed to them & that’s what makes them different from machines.

“I’m a little worried about the AI stuff,” Elon Musk said. “We need some kind of, like, regulatory authority or something overseeing AI development,” Musk said. “Make certain that it is acting in the public interest. It’s a dangerous piece of technology.

Well if such statements come do we need to be concerned? Without a doubt, it has facilitated the process for us, but is that the future of AI? Will the machine become so powerful that it begins to think more intelligently than humans? Take note that I said capable, not powerful.

No doubt AI’s are more powerful at giving us answers faster than human brainpower, but are they more powerful or capable? That’s what to worry about.

Let me give you an example! Consider the AI computer/machine listening in real time to the customer conversation. The customer has a question or a problem to share. First, the computer informs the CSR about this customer’s history, including previous purchases, reasons for calling for assistance, and more. At the same time, the computer can suggest solutions to the customer’s problems to the CSR. This is happening in real time… and at a breakneck pace. I can also take Alexa, Google assistant & Siri for example like they are literally AI’s inplanted in your phone what if they are hearing everything and sending all the data to a foreign country you never know.

We recognized the importance of technology in our lives as we evolved, and AI is one of them. We saw much reference of them easing tasks in movies. Well, do you remember “JARVIS” and “FRIDAY” from the Iron Man films? Tony gives the order, and the task is completed. It’s fascinating to see what you can accomplish with the technologies at your disposal. So, while Hollywood is painting a fantastical picture of robots taking over human jobs, we know that this is simply not the case. If it is made to function for us we should ensure that we should not not rely on this much else things may start to change.

Nevertheless, no technology is flawless; even artificial intelligence has well-known serious defects. According to sources, AI for secure system access by a face can be deceived by a mask, and AI believes that members of Congress resemble criminals. They were unable to recognize photographs. A lawsuit has also been submitted as a result of an AI-related loss. The same point is raised in light of the fact that this chatbot AI has gained heavy amount of followers in a short amount of time and even claims to write correct code. So is it a problem to developers’ employment? The answer is no!  Human intelligence (AI), which can think, act, and move differently whenever it wants, AI’s are not trained to do so.

So to compile everything up! AI Is Meant to Complement Human Ability and Intelligence, Not Compete With It.

Artificial intelligence should not be feared. To avoid being replaced by AI, you must, however, up your game. Upskill, stay current on industry trends, and be innovative and creative. This way, you’ll be a valuable asset that no employer wants to lose.

So, the next time you hear about how artificial intelligence is threatening to replace humans in the workforce, remember this article and know that humans will always have the upper hand over AI.

Source : asiabusinessoutlook.com