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Many Countries Evacuate Citizens from Israel: Europe-America-Asia

Many countries are now evacuating citizens from Israel. The situation in the country is increasingly unfavorable amidst the war with Hamas, the Palestinian faction in Gaza is the cause.

European Continent


Quoting CNN International , Spain has reportedly flown a total of 400 people out of Tel Aviv. This was also announced by Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares on social media.

“Spanish citizens as well as European citizens and citizens of other countries arrived at the Torrejon de Ardoz air base on Wednesday evening,” he said.

Previously, the Spanish Foreign Ministry and acting Prime Minister (PM) Pedro Sanchez announced that a Spanish-Israeli woman was killed in a Hamas attack. Her name is Maya Villalobo.

The British government also did the same thing. Britain has flown its citizens out of Israel, with the first flight Thursday evening.

“The British government will facilitate commercial flights to the UK to assist British citizens wishing to leave Israel following the Hamas attack,” read the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) announcement.

“Vulnerable British citizens will be prioritized for these flights,” he added, advising that eligible people wait to be contacted and not head to the airport unless they are called.


Hungary is also planning several evacuation operations on various routes for its citizens. There are at least 220 Hungarian citizens in Israel who have registered for consular assistance.

“We would be happy if they could return home as soon as possible,” said Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó.

“We are working to ensure a safe return for everyone. Several evacuation operations are being planned on various routes,” he added.

Szijjártó urged Hungarians who want to leave Israel not to delay this. He also warned them not to share any evacuation details with the public.

“Eight other Hungarians managed to leave Israel this week,” he said.

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Quoting AFP , the Danish government has arranged the evacuation of its citizens leaving Israel. It is reported that around 1,200 Danish citizens are in Israel and 90 in the Palestinian territories.


Finland also emphasized the same thing. The country yesterday promised to evacuate its citizens from areas affected by the Hamas vs Israel war.


France itself confirmed that it would deploy a special Air France flight from Tel Aviv to help repatriate citizens in Israel. French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna also confirmed this.


Germany said it would work with Lufthansa to organize several special flights on Thursday and Friday to repatriate German citizens. Around 4,500 German citizens are registered as wanting to leave Israel.


The Greek Foreign Ministry has also announced the evacuation of citizens from Israel. Thursday, about 180 Greek citizens have been evacuated from Israel so far.


The Icelandic government has repatriated 126 of its citizens from Israel. The country’s government also promised to help a number of citizens from neighboring countries leave Tel Aviv.


The Norwegian government arranged flights late Wednesday for its citizens stuck in Israel and the Palestinian territories. There are around 500 Norwegian citizens in the region.


Portugal repatriated 152 of its citizens on Wednesday morning, as well as 14 other Europeans, by military plane. A flight on Thursday also took another 22 people out of Israel.


Sweden has also evacuated residents from Tel Aviv since Thursday evening. There are about 3,000 Swedes in Israel and 800 in the Palestinian territories.


Swiss International Air Lines has repatriated 435 Swiss citizens from Israel. Two more flights were scheduled for last Thursday and Friday.

American continent


Since Wednesday, Canada and Sudan have sent two military planes to evacuate residents. At least 700 Canadians will return to their country in the next few days.

“More than 4,200 Canadian citizens are registered with Ottawa’s consular services in Israel and another 470 in the Palestinian territories,” said Foreign Minister Melanie Joly.


Mexico has sent two military planes to bring 287 of its citizens from Israel and the Palestinian territories. The government says about 1,000 people have requested help returning to Mexico so far.

According to official data, about 5,000 Mexicans live in Israel. Meanwhile two are in the Gaza Strip and 35 in the West Bank.


The Brazilian government plans to deploy at least six planes in an effort to quickly repatriate its citizens who want to leave Israel and the Palestinian territories. It says about 14,000 Brazilians live in Israel and 6,000 in the Palestinian territories.

The first flight, carrying 211 Brazilians, returned before dawn on Wednesday. The second flight was carried out last Thursday.

Asian country

South Korea

AFP wrote that South Korea (South Korea) had taken 192 of its citizens out of Israel. They were also reported to have landed near Seoul on Wednesday morning.

Another 30 South Korean citizens will be evacuated this weekend using commercial flights. Another 27 people, who were in Israel on a Christian pilgrimage, will travel overland to neighboring Jordan.

Source : CNBC