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China’s Space Station is Expected to Produce Scientific Discoveries

The orbiting Tiangong space station is expected to yield important scientific discoveries and innovative achievements in the future, China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) spokesperson Lin Xiqiang said Friday (18/8).

The Chinese space station has entered the application and development stage which will last for more than 10 years after its construction is completed in 2022.

Lin said the space station is expected to generate groundbreaking scientific discoveries on cosmology, dark matter and dark energy, galaxies and active galactic nuclei. , the Milky Way and nearby galaxies, the formation and evolution of stars, and exoplanets.

The space station’s targets for follow-up research are “the origin and evolution of the universe, the nature of matter, and the long-term survival of humans in space,” Lin said.

The ultra-cold atomic physics experiment platform in the space laboratory will prepare quantum gases to near absolute zero, which is unattainable on land.

In addition, in-orbit research on stem cells, organ chips, protein crystallization and synthetic biology manufacturing could present new possibilities for regenerative medicine, precision medicine and drug discovery, Lin said.

He added that new equipment on mammal breeding and brain science would also be placed on the space station.

Source : Antara News