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Learn from the Queen of Asian Horror, Here’s How to Make Prices Never Run Out

The famous Hong Kong artist who often stars in horror films, Joey Wong, once boasted that his wealth would never run out, even though one day he would be called the Almighty.

As is known, since two decades ago this beautiful artist, who is often said to be full of scandals, decided to take a break from the world of entertainment and deepen her religion. His decision to quit the world of entertainment was made when he was at the peak of his career and earning the highest salary.

Based on a summary from a number of Taiwanese media, the woman who is currently 53 years old has appeared in 15 films in a period of two years, namely from 1985-1987. He also received a fee of up to US$ 8 thousand for each film he acted in. His wealth was estimated at up to US$ 129 thousand or Rp. 1.8 billion at that time.

It was even mentioned that there was a time when Joey Wong was paid US$ 86 thousand per film title. Meanwhile, in the 90s, many brands offered to collaborate with him as an endorser.

Apart from the world of entertainment, Joey Wong also has many property assets in Hong Kong and Europe.

Even though he looks successful, Joey Wong is said to have been close to a Hong Kong billionaire named Peter Lam. Not only Peter Lam, Joey Wong was also reported to have had relationships with many local billionaires and celebrities, and when Joey Wong broke up with Peter Lam, Joey Wong was experiencing problems and difficulties in paying taxes.

As a result, Joey Wong became close to a rich businessman nicknamed Mr L. This man then paid for his life and even bought the luxury house for a fantastic price of US$ 3.4 million. But when Joey Wong moved to Taiwan and left for Canada, their love story ended.

Reflecting on Joey Wong’s life story, many questions may arise regarding how to make someone’s possessions last a long time and never run out? Here’s the review.

Purchase investment assets during your productive age

When someone achieves financial freedom, it is legal for them to spend money for the things they want. However, when the money is mostly used to buy goods with depreciating value or mere entertainment, the money you have can shrink.

In financial planning, jewelry, cars, motorbikes, furniture, gadgets and several items for daily needs are classified as utility assets.

It is called a utility asset because its purpose is for daily use or usage. Often the value of these assets experiences depreciation or decline.

The more useful assets we have, the easier it is for our net worth to depreciate in the future.

If you really want your wealth to be well maintained, then buy investment assets regularly.

An asset is declared an investment asset because the value of the asset can increase in the future or generate passive income for the owner.

It’s good for all of us to be balanced in terms of asset ownership. Strive to ensure that the total value of the investment assets we own is above 50% of our net worth.

Source : CNBC